Thanks Olivia for sending me this so I can properly thank you for introducing me to your product. I really like the fresh fruity taste of your Mum Kai. It is so good with that spicy flavor that kicks in and makes it a real flavor enhancer to anything you dip into it or spread it on. I will definitely be buying this regularly and look forward to sharing it with my family.

Best of luck on your new endeavor.

Sheryl C

I love this sauce! I like the different levels of taste. It starts off sweet, then a tang, then the kick of chili peppers. The more you eat the spicier it gets. I would recommend Mum Kai sauce to people who love spicy food and doesn't rob you of flavors of the food. This well put together sauce is great for dipping and marinating chicken, pork, fish or beef — or put it directly on vegetables.

Glen F

I love the kick Mum Kai gives to my meals. It adds just the right amount of flavor and spice to my food and makes it "just right".

Seamus P

For years I have been trying to find the right dipping sauce, for my spring rolls, lettuce wraps, egg rolls, etc. I would mix a bunch of different sauces together to suit my taste. Not anymore! This Mum Kai sauce hit the nail on the head. The taste is so refreshing and flavorful. It just has the right amount of kick, spices and citrus to it. No more mixing different bottles together for me. It’s all here in this bottle of Mum Kai. I love this sauce. You did a great job in creating this!

Sissy B

Wow! A delicious, garlicky, full-flavored sauce with the perfect kick. I'm sure this precious little bottle won't last long in my house.

Bonnie L

This sauce is awesome. There aren't too many foods that you could not use Mum Kai on.

Bar none, Mum Kai has become my new favorite sauce.

Bruce B
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